Thursday, 28 December 2017

Christmas Catch Up

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know how much I love Christmas. Every year I feel even more excited about it. For me Christmas is the best distraction from the dark days and freezing cold nights - which happen to be my least favourite things about winter. Christmas is a silver lining to those dark days; if we didn’t put up lights, bring trees inside and celebrate I don’t know how I would cope with winter. Christmas might be over, but it’s only just over and I’m not quite ready to let go. I’ve just had left over turkey and veg soup, plus my lights are and will still twinkle away on my tree well into the new year. 

I keep seeing silly memes on Instagram saying “it’s that awkward time between Christmas and new year when you don’t know what time or day it is or even who you are.” I can relate to this but, unfortunately and slightly ironically, since being sick this has applied to me all year round except December and this week between the celebrations.

I’ve been saying all month how I need an Advent-type calendar all year so I know what the date and day it is - something I do struggle with! It’s hard not to feel stuck in Groundhog Day at times when so many days feel the same. Without knowing this, my best friend gave me some of my gifts in an Advent calendar as a fun way to open them on Christmas Day without realising I would want to keep it for January! 

There’s only a few days left of this year. 2017 has gone really quickly. I’ve not posted half as much as I would have liked this year because I’ve been concentrating on my Lyme disease treatment and, honestly, I’ve not had the mental capacity to write as well as I would want. Sometimes I couldn’t write at all. It’s safe to say it’s been an up and down roller coaster of a year. I’ve seen improvements to my health but also felt extremely ill at times especially due to side effects, herx reactions (toxic overload from bacterial die off) and since September my liver has been failing, making me feel very poorly.  Luckily it’s now working well, giving me relief from those extra symptoms and I’ve started treatment again. 

I know I have another year of fighting these illnesses ahead. So I’ve given myself permission to take off all the pressure I used to put on myself to post regularly and decided that I will post only when I can. I love blogging but my health must come first.

The photos in this post are ones I’ve taken over the last two months when I’ve had the energy to be creative for a few minutes. I know they’re a little randomly put together but I hope it captures my love for the festive season. 

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and that 2018 will be a happy, healthy one for you all.

Emma Xx 

Tartan Blanket from The Tartan Blanket Co 
Fairy lights from Talking Tables
Tea c/o Bluebird Tea Co 
Both dresses are oldies; 
Rose gold sequins from French Connection
Nude with embroidery from Topshop

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