Monday, 29 May 2017

Ginger Beer Tea Ice Lollies

I'm back with another tea inspired recipe. This time for ginger beer tea ice lollies! My recent tea rep box contained Bluebird Tea Co's Summer Tea Collection, with amazing names to match; Pineapple Sorbet, One In A Melon, Summer Of Love and Ginger Beer. My favourite so far being the last two. It was while sipping on the ginger beer tea, a rooibos tea with a lime and ginger kick that I thought up this recipe. It's a simple one with barely any ingredients, but it's perfect for hot summer days. Plus it's especially good for anyone like me who suffers with nausea - a particularly nasty symptom to deal with when the weather is so hot and you can't face a hot ginger tea! 

For 4 lollies you will need:

2tsp Raw honey (or more depending on how sweet you want them) 
Ice lolly moulds with sticks or wooden lolly sticks. 
Freshly boiled water - I used 500ml for 4 moulds. It's easier to know exactly how much you will need by filling the moulds with water and then tipping into a measuring jug. 

Start by boiling the water, add to the tea in a jug and stir. Let it brew for 4 minutes. Add the honey and mix well. Using a tea strainer strain the tea into another jug. Let it cool a little before filling up your moulds. Freeze for 24 hours. 

It's literally that simple and so delicious. I'm definitely going to experiment with turning different tea flavours into ice lollies this summer.

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Hope you're enjoying the bank holiday! 

Emma Xx 

Ginger Beer tea c/o Bluebird Tea Co