Saturday, 29 April 2017

Matcha Mojito Mocktail

There's nothing better than a nice cold cocktail when the sun is shining. My favourite being Pimms, Mojito or a G&T. Unfortunately for me over the last few years I've become alcohol intolerant, even the smallest amount has my heart racing and exasperates all my symptoms, making cocktails not so fun anymore. Because of this I've not had any alcohol for over two years now and instead I've come up with one or two mocktails of my own. 

Unlike most sugary cocktails this matcha mojito mocktail is packed full of goodness to nourish your body.  It's full of fresh mint, which is a great anti-inflammatory herb, and lime, which is an antioxidant full of vitamin C.  I've teamed these two classic mojito flavours up with Bluebird Tea Co Super Matcha tea. Super Matcha has been blended with superfoods; Acai and blueberry to create a subtle but delicious flavour.  Matcha tea is a great immune boosting antioxidant with ten times the antioxidants and goodness than one cup of green tea.  Not only does this mocktail taste delicious, your body will thank you for it!


To make two glass mugs 

1/2 litre water
Half cup fresh mint leaves
2 limes
Cold water
12 Ice cubes 

Optional: Tsp honey or a pinch of pure stevia which is what I used. 

In a blender mix the matcha, 1/4 cup of mint, juice of half a lime, the water and sweetener if you want to use one. 
Fill the glasses with ice, layering in mint leaves and slices of lime before pouring the liquid in.

Finish with more mint leaves and straws and enjoy!

Happy bank holiday! 

Emma xx

*Matcha Tea c/o Bluebird Tea Co

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