Sunday, 10 July 2016

Oasis - Secret Garden Collection

Dress - Oasis c/o House of Fraser
Bee Necklace - c/o And Mary
Belt - Primark - old
Embroidered espadrilles - vintage

This is my garden, my secret resting place, where you'll find me on a fine day, tucked away in a corner listening to the bees buzzing and birds chirping away. I've always been an outdoors person. I can't stand staying inside buildings for too long, which is why - when my health allows me, and the weather, of course -  I'll be outside, with a book or my eyes closed in meditation.

Despite not being able to get out into the real world, I've been making more of an effort to wear outfits that make me feel happy, embroidered blouses and floral prints are my staples. This dress by Oasis is a perfect piece to make me feel happy, with a nod to the 60's and those amazing bell sleeves I couldn't resist it. The dress is part of the Chelsea Physic Garden collection by Oasis. A twenty-five piece capsule collection of stunning botanical prints inspired by London's oldest garden, the Chelsea Physic Garden. A red bricked wall encases this very special garden. A place that has been influential both in medicine and art for hundreds of years. I've never visited the Chelsea Physic Garden, but I feel inspired by this collection to add it to my list of must see places for when my health improves.

Bees are my favourite little insect, they give us honey and they pollinate our plants and crops; essentially we would not survive without our glorious buzzing friend. This beautiful little porcelain bee necklace has been handmade by And Mary with so much detail it really feels alive.

My garden may be wild in comparison to a well kept botanical garden but it's one of my favourite places to be. So if the weather is good, you know where I'll be.

Emma Xx


  1. Such a beautiful post! The photos are amazing, the outfit is flawless. And it looks like the shoes were made for that dress. The dress is so pretty, I love the sleeves and the print. And the necklace is totally adorable. Love all of it!
    Also, you are stunning.
    Hope you're having a great weekend.
    Much love,

  2. This is such a beautiful dress, you look stunning! xx

  3. Beautiful dress :-) It's nice that you have your own little haven!

  4. Such a pretty dress and the rest of the outfit =]