Sunday, 27 March 2016

Happy Easter

Dress - Virgos Lounge
Flowers - c/o Debenhams Flowers use DFBLOG25 for 25% off 

Easter is one of my favourite holidays. The excuse to eat my weight in chocolate never gets old and somehow chocolate tastes even better in egg form, I don't know why, but it just does. Although Easter is a religious celebration, for me its more about welcoming spring time after my least favourite season. Spring brings colours, warmth and hope for better times.  I struggle more with my health over the winter months, so this change is always a hopeful one. For me, Spring symbolises moving forward and feeling more human and alive. Something always worth celebrating.

Although this Easter is a quiet one for me, just my mum and I, it's been nice not having to pace for family celebrations, as much as I love them. Instead I've been relaxing and also helping my mum make our Easter cake, which we only just finished.

I hope you have a happy Easter whatever you are doing with your day.

Emma Xx


  1. Easter is one of my favourite holidays too! I just feel is a happy one haha. I love what you write and I hope you have a great day with your mum!

  2. Emma, lovely photos. I agree with you about Easter and Spring. For me it's not really a religious celebration either because I'm not, but it is very much about welcoming the sunshine and brightness that comes with spring.
    The cake looks super cute!
    Hope you are having a great Easter.
    Much love,

  3. Happy Easter! I hope you had a lovely day, I totally agree with you on Spring being about a new start and hope for the coming year :-)

  4. I love Easter, it's my favourite too!! Love the dress here, it's wonderful :))) x

  5. Your photos are always so dreamy! Hope you had a great Easter xx