Sunday, 13 December 2015

Cosy Winter Outfit

Coat - Boden
Top - Pull and Bear at Asos (here)
Jeans - Pull and Bear
Shoes - c/o Loly In The Sky (here)

At the moment you will find me curled up next to the radiator, sipping hot tea and absentmindedly stroking one of my cats. My body feels like it's in hibernation mode. The dark winter days make me feel like consuming an entire tub of Nutella straight out of the jar, while cocooned under a pile of warm, cosy blankets. Instead of living that fantasy, I'm sharing with you my recent outfit photos. Taken a few weeks ago, my fingers have lingered over the delete button a few times but today I've bitten the bullet and decided that I can't be so damn picky. I am a perfectionist, it's true but I'm also very poorly at the moment. Two sentiments that don't mix well. When I get asked for advice about living with a chronic illness I always tell that person to be kind to themselves. Do your best but be kind. So today I'm taking my own advice. At the time these photos were taken I was slightly better than I am right now but still pretty weak and in pain. I planned on retaking them as soon as I could. I'm still waiting to feel well enough to attempt that, so instead of worrying about when I will be well enough to manage that, I am posting these not-as-perfect-as-I-want photos.

I'm really drawn to boho folk outfits at the moment, anything embroidered has me all dreamy-heart-eyes-emoji faced so this top that I picked up in the sale for £11 is a winner. Layered under this super warm sheepskin coat from Boden and I'm set for the colder days to come. With a nod to my more quirky side I've teamed this outfit with some really super comfortable flats by Loly In The Sky. I nearly always have issues with finding flat shoes that fit without killing my feet but these are like wearing slippers. The little 'Hello' and 'Hola' made me smile every time I looked down at my feet!

I hope you're having a cosy, happy Sunday!

Emma Xx


  1. You look so lovely in these photos! Your hair is beautiful like that!
    And I think you're being too hard on yourself. The pictures are beautiful. But it's easy to be hard on yourself, I'm the same way, especially with my baking. I never think what I've done is good enough, but it's only in my head really.
    Anyway, I love how 70's this outfit is. You look so effortlessly beautiful!
    Much love,

  2. You look gorgeous Emma, I love your hair like that and the shoes are so cute :) I'm so sorry to hear you're having a really difficult time my love, sending you a million gentle hugs and please don't be hard on yourself as these photos look incredible and perfect to me <3
    Lots of love,
    Holly x

  3. I love this type of weather.
    Those pants are my favorite garment from this outfit. :)

    Vegetarian CourtesyCheesePapas

  4. Your pictures are stunning.. can't see anything wrong with them! And how cute are the shoes :-)
    Lots of love & hugs. Chronic illness is so rubbish.
    Ali xx


  5. Hope you're holding up ok and get better soon! Those are very cute shoes.

    Saskia /

  6. Beautiful outfit! Adore the shoes a lot, big fan of Loly In The Sky, cuteness galore. x

  7. That coat is gorgeous! Love the shoes too, they have 'Emma' written all over them!

    Hayley-Eszti |

  8. Don;t be so hard on yourself, these photos are incredible!
    Love the coat.


  9. The coat is so pretty! I really love this kind of style. And your hair is gorgeous! Like a fairy.
    Your outfit is so nice and simple. I like that a lot.

  10. I love everything about this, especially the shoes.

    I hope things start looking up for you soon. Never feel bad for doing whatever it is that you need to do xx