Thursday, 1 October 2015

My New Favourite Face Cream - La Potion Infinie

Up until fairly recently I've taken my youthful complexion for granted but the realisation that I'm about to be a whole quarter of a century made me realise I needed to up my game and look after my skin more and I needed to find something better than what I've been using. My normal face cream routine consists of using Olay or slightly more high end Rituals 24 hour Hydration Gel Cream. I've been wanting to try something else, something that might just keep those wrinkles at bay a little longer. I do already have wrinkles or laughter lines which are worse from squinting when I needed to wear glasses and before I found the joys of contacts. The damage is done, or so I thought. It seems maybe there's still hope! It's funny how things work out, literally days after writing on here that I will invest in lots of anti wrinkle cream the opportunity to try out ARgENTUM apothecary's la potion infinie (here) came my way in it's beautifully designed box.

I'm really intrigued by the science behind the patented recipe. The cream contains of Silver Hydrosol and DNA HP, two natural antioxidant ingredients. Silver Hydrosol, which is made of pure silver, has antibacterial properties, while the HP in the DNA HP is a natural marine based ingredient which promotes cell regeneration, collagen production and reduces lipid peroxidation. It's said that the ingredients may improve fine lines and wrinkles. The cream is made in small batches in France, and unlike a lot of big brands, the cream is never tested on animals, something I feel is really important.

I was curious to see how it would work for me. Being 99.5% natural ingredients the cream has a wonderful herby smell. It feels very rich which worried me as normally rich creams leave my face feeling greasy but this isn't the case at all. After the first application my skin felt smoother and softer than it's ever felt. Cue me asking anyone to "feel how soft my face is!" - Maybe that should come as a side effect!

I found I needed only half the amount of cream I would normally use to cover my face which makes me think this will last twice as long as my usual brands.

Just over two weeks in and my face feels great, I can see an improvement to my laughter lines and overall complexion, something no other face cream I've used has achieved so far. Although ARgENTUM is a lot more expensive than what I've been using in the past - a pot costs £147 - a price I wouldn't normally spend but one I would consider in the future if my miracle cream continues working it's magic! Talking of magic, every pot comes with it's own card illustrated by artist Joe Wilson to capture the world of ARgENTUM and our own inner characteristics. Every card is different, my card is "the magician".  A really lovely touch.

I feel a little better armed at facing my birthday in a few days and ageing in general, leaving more room to celebrate! Hurrah!

Emma Xx

La Potion Infinie c/o Argentum Apothcathy but opinions & laughter lines all my own.


  1. this sounds really nice, I love the packaging too :) lovely post :)

  2. Really magical <3 The packaging is a highlight itself :)
    What you are writing about it sounds really good. Unfortunately ist really pricey...but for sure you
    made a good choice :*

  3. The packaging looks so fancy! It's a little out of my price range but the product sounds lovely, glad it worked well for you!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  4. Sounds like a truly incredible cream :)

  5. Way way out of my price range, but what is to be expected if one of the ingredients is basically silver! It sounds so lovely, I wish I could afford to try it!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  6. I'm not a massive face cream wearer but this one sounds so luxurious! Your photography is pretty amazing as well - very creative xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  7. Even though it sounds pricey the fact that you only have to use small amounts shows that it is a miracle worker! :)

  8. This sounds great! Even though I'm young I worry about wrinkles developing on my forehead (maybe due to the fact that I move my eyebrows about a lot haha), and what a beautiful product and special packaging! Hope you’re having a great Saturday,
    Bethany x

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