Sunday, 19 April 2015

Summer Ready Hands

Hand cream & Cuticle cream - Morris & Co at Heathcote & Ivory (here)
Guava Hi-Shine Gelly - BarryM (here)
Plumpy topcoat - BarryM (here)
Empress Stack Rings - C/o Orelia Jewellery (here)
Indian Mixed plate Rings - C/o Orelia Jewellery (here)

Living on a tight budget means getting a manicure is something I can only do as a treat once in a blue moon, but I don't mind at all, I happen to have everything I need at home to make my hands summer ready, which is easier than needing to leave the house. Over winter my hands can get pretty dry so I like to keep them moisturised. Putting cream on has become a habit I've got into before I go to sleep at night. At the moment I'm using this lovely sheabutter hand cream by Morris & Co available at Healthcote and Ivory. I've also used the cuticle cream too to really nourish my hands.

 Every spring I love to find a new nail varnish to add to my collection and make me feel more summery. This year I purchased Guava 444 Gelly hi-shine by BarryM along with Plumpy which is a topcoat that I've also used as a base coat.  I'm so pleased with the vibrancy of this colour and the shine is amazing. I'm seriously late to the Gelly range and only now do I understand why people love it so much. I doubt I'll be buying bog standard varnish ever again! The reason why I've chosen such a vibrant blue is because it makes my pale hands look slightly less milk-child (think Milkybar kid) and slightly more tanned. It also happens to be one of my favourite colours too!

To finish my manicure I've put on my new rings by Orelia Jewellery. I've started to wear more gold recently so these rings are a favourite new addiction to my ring collection. I love the detail that's been put into them, it makes them feel much more expensive than they are. I love how the colours compliment my nail varnish too. The Empress stack rings on my right ring finger are amazing! I've been looking for a ring this shape for a while, so I'm very pleased to own one at last! I just love the unusual shape and the beautiful hammered detail. The Indian mixed plate rings come in a pack of three, one of each of gold, silver and copper. I love the simplicity of them and how they will go with any outfit. I've got a feeling my ring collection is going to grow even bigger this summer as I've already got my eye on some more of the new styles on the Orelia website!

Emma Xx


  1. Adore that colour on you!

  2. That nail varnish is absolutely amazing, the colour suits your skin so well! Those rings are gorgeous too, so dainty.
    Have a lovely day!
    Bethany x

  3. So cute! looks nice!

  4. Love that nail polish, reminds me of swimming pools and the sea and summer loveliness! Looks beaut on your skin tone x

  5. Such a pretty dress!