Sunday, 1 February 2015

Indulgent Real Hot Chocolate

It's officially got cold enough to snow and in my books, freezing all the time. It's brass monkeys out there! As I mentioned in my last post, my health hasn't been good at all so far this year, so I'm having to avoid spending much time outside, which is hard being an outdoorsy kinda person, although I did enjoy stepping out for a few minutes to take these photos. The cold only exasperates my pains, but there's nothing like a breath of fresh air. Most the time I'm in hibernation mode, blankets, jumpers and long rests. Of course kitty cuddles and endless cups of tea make the days much better but sometimes you just need something a little more, especially on a dull day. For me that involves grabbing my favourite mug and filling it with something very tasty.

My current favourite mug was made especially for me by the very talented Helen at Windram Designs. 'Let it be' is one of my favourite quotes and mantras that I learned from meditation, so having it written on this mug makes me very happy and reminds me to let go of stress and just be - a much easier process when sipping on hot chocolate! 

For the Hot Chocolate you will need:

50g Chocolate of your choice - I used lindt milk chocolate
210ml Milk - I used almond milk
Optional marshmallows 

Break up the chocolate and set aside. Gently heat the milk in a pan while continually stirring until it's heated up, then add the chocolate and stir until it's all melted and mixed up. 
Add to you're favourite mug and enjoy!

If you fancy having your favourite quote hand painted onto a mug then check out Helen's Etsy page (here) where you can find a listing for personalised mugs among many other treasures.

Emma Xx


  1. Oh gosh, I need to try this out. x

    1. Thanks lovely! It's super tasty even if I do say so myself! Xx

  2. that looks delicious! and now I am craving marshmallows :D


  3. Emma,

    I love your new blog design. It looks fantastic! Hope you feel better soon!