Saturday, 31 January 2015

Snow Queen Heels

'Snow queen' was the first words that sprang into my mind when I saw these heels. The sparkle from what looks like a thousand crystals gives off this frosty winter look, fit for any winter princess. The soles alone are amazing, I've never seen them covered in gems like this before.

I had hoped to showcase these wintery beauties with an outfit post but my recent health has been so bad I've spent most of the last three weeks housebound and unable to withstand the cold. So instead of worrying and getting down I turned to my new 50mm lens to take a few quick photos of these heels by Online Avenue. I love how high they look thanks to the inbuilt platform.

 I've always been a good high heel walker, but if you can't face super high heels, opting for a hidden platform will really help give the illusion and much wanted hight. Which is great news for shorties like me! Before I was ill, I used to test out new shoes by walking really fast in them and if there wasn't many people in the shop, I'd take them for a run around the shoe section (promise I'm not crazy). Nearly always I had no issues at all. I always think that if you can run in heels you're much safer out and about and less likely to miss a train. From my short walk around the house in these I found them very comfortable. I can't wait for better health that allows me to take these pretties out for a spin although I have a feeling I'll spend most of the time looking at how my feet sparkle! I am really that easily amused!

The Francesca shoes are ideal for parties and would also make great wedding shoes for a bride or bridesmaid, or for those like me, who just love a bit of sparkle in their lives. Online Avenue also offer these shoes in two other colours. I've got my eye on the red version, they remind me of Dorothy's shoes from the Wizard of Oz. They really do look like they belong in my wardrobe alongside these beauties.

Emma Xx 

Shoes - c/o Online Avenue


  1. wow those shoes are gorgeous!! hope you are having a nice weekend :)

    1. Thank you Jessica! I hope you have a lovely weekend too! Xx