Thursday, 18 December 2014

Festive Tea Cakes

Nothing says Christmas more than a festive sweet treat, but it's not always easy whipping up fudge, sweets or cupcakes when there's just so much to do before the big day. Cue festive tea cakes. Made to look like Christmas puddings, they're a big hit in my house. I don't really feel like I can call this a recipe, it's more of a pimp my tea cake affair, and let me tell you pimping these little treats up is easy as pie and takes hardly any time at all.

For 12 tea cakes you will need

2 boxes of Tunnocks Tea Cakes
Waitrose freeze dried strawberries
Waitrose green edible glitter flakes
100g icing sugar

Unwrap all the tea cakes without sampling one if you can restrain yourself! Mix the icing sugar with a little water until you have a thick but slightly runny consistency. Using a teaspoon put a small amount of icing on top of a tea cake and spread it out a little. You might want to help make the drips by spreading some icing further down the side using the teaspoon or a kebab stick. Then add the green glitter flakes and some freeze dried strawberries in the centre. Repeat until all the teacakes are festively decorated. For an extra special touch you could add edible sparkly glitter on top.

As the one week countdown begins I can't wait to see everyone's festive posts and bakes. Let me know if you pimp your tea cakes!

Emma Xx


  1. They look sooo cute! You're such a talent in the kitchen!


    1. Thank you Lovely! Although this was a little cheating really!

      Emma Xx

  2. These look delicious! And really cute :)