Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Autumn Tag

Autumn might be starting to fade but I'll be holding on until the bitter end, which is why when I found out the lovely Ali from Being Mummy with ME tagged me in this autumn tag I wanted to give it a go. Autumn along with spring and summer is one of my favourite time of year. Cut out months of winter, leaving maybe two weeks of it, just enough to cover Christmas and I believe I would have the perfect set of seasons! The colourful months always make me feel happy when I open my blind in the morning. So what better way to spend a little time than to answer questions on such a beautiful time of year?

1. Favourite Starbucks drink

Since being ill I've always had freezing cold hands so I can't think of a better way to warm up while having a catch up with a friend than clutching a mug of tasty goodness. I usually go for a green tea or peppermint tea but I think next time I'm going to have to try one of their seasonal spiced extra yummy sounding drinks.

2. Favourite music to listen to
There's a few songs that I associate with Autumn and tend to go back to them every time the leaves turn colour. A few of those being Diamonds by Ben Howard, Autumn by Paolo Nutini, New Heights by A Fine Frenzy.
Recently I've been listening a lot to Samantha Crain, Ed Sheeran and Simon and Garfunkel. 

3. Autumn scent
I love the smell of the woods this time of year, the leaves make it musty and the air make it smell fresh, a perfect combination. 
Perfume wise I'll wear the same ones I love all year, my latest favourite being Daisy Delight by Marc Jacobs which is very floral and fresh. 

4. Favourite Autumn lip product
What would I do without lip barm? My lips suffer a lot in the colder weather so I turn to one of many of my lip balms, my current favourite is a calippo flavoured one my best friend got me to cheer me up when I was having a relapse and had to cancel plans with for her birthday.  
I love wearing orangey red lipstick in autumn too.

5. What do you love most about Autumn?
I love the colourful leaves in autumn, I used to go to the woods and crunch and kick them up in the air but these days I see them more from my house or car windows. They make the dullest day seem brighter. I also love that Christmas is just around the corner which outweighs the on coming winter.

6. Go to Autumn accessories
So many people will have said this - scarves. I love a nice scarf and have a box load. I recently purchased an amazingly warm cosy double sided one from TU at sainsbury's. It's tartan one side and black and white checks the other, it's also almost big enough to be used as a blanket wrap.

7. Favourite Halloween movie
Sleepy hollow although I've not seen that for a very long time! It leaves me half scared and creeped out which I don't really like. I'm not much of a scary film fan but I do think this one is great.

8. Favourite Autumn nail polish
Orange with an Opel top coat has been my favourite this seasons, it seems to remind me of the leaves.

9. What are you most looking forward to this Autumn?
Being creative in my art classes is one of my favourite things that I've been looking forward to since early this summer. Without this class I feel a little empty, I think being creative out of my home with like minded people is really good for me particularly as my chronic illness is very restricting on my day to say activities and social life. It's nice just for a few hours to step away from it and just be me with out the ME.

Thank you Ali for tagging me to do this tag, it's been lots of fun. If anyone else would like to join in your welcome to copy the questions for your own blog.
I hope you're all having a sunny fresh autumnal day!

Emma Xx


  1. Loved reading this Emma :-) I never even thought of the scent question being about anything other than perfume. Ooops! That scarf sounds amazing too xx

  2. A girl can NEVEF have too many scarves!