Sunday, 19 October 2014

Into The Woods


 Vintage jumper - Depop
Jeans - Pull & Bear
Pixie Boots - Topshop
Vintage necklace and earings - Hampton Court antique shop
Hair Bow - American Apparel co/ Bethan

Standing in silence, taking a deep breath in, can only make me smile when greeted with that familiar autumn woods smell. It's fresh but musty and reminds me of my childhood spent walking in the woods and even my teen years walking other peoples dogs. Kicking leaves, that crunch and crisp sound, with colours flying all around, it might be a simple thing but it's amazing fun. Autumn is my favourite time to go to the woods, to see the colours and smell the air. When I saw this jumper it reminded me of my love for the turning leaves and this beautiful season. So it's no surprise that it's my favourite casual item at the moment. I love to match it with this lovely velvet bow, it was part of a giveaway earlier this year by the beautiful Pale Female Bethan (here). Bethan's blog is stunning, full of amazing vintage outfits in whimsical settings.

Emma Xx


  1. You look great, I love the bow in your hair :) Walking in the wood during the autumn season is the best, I don't walk thru woods but there's a park near me with lots of trees and it's always fun walking there when it's chilly :)


  2. Lovely outfit and the perfect location :) I'm going to hit the follow button <3 Gisforgingers xx

  3. Gorgeous photos, I love love love your jumper! You have the best jumper collection! I hope today is being kind to you, Emma!

    Hayley-Eszti //

  4. Such beautiful pictures accompanied with pretty words xx. I absolutely love your jumper and your shoes. The bow is really nice too ;) New follower!!

    The Life of Little Me

  5. LOVE those boots! Great location too, so pretty

  6. Absolutely love that jumper, Emma. I've got serious necklace envy too!
    Hope today is treating you kindly :)