Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Bath Fashion Museum

 Two weeks ago I was in sunny Bath, a mini adventure with my mum, for some well deserved time away from it all. The fashion museum was high on the list of things to see, so it's no surprise that after a vintage inspired lunch at Bea's vintage tea room, we wondered over to the Fashion museum. There was far more fashion than I expected to see, from the really old to the dress of the year by Christopher Kane. The museum allow photography, so naturally I got very snap happy and now I want to share with you my favourites.

Dresses like the one above are rediculously crazy, they were worn my ladies at court, who had to stand for hours and hours and if they needed to use the bathroom they had to somehow get attention to be excused and then back out of the room. Yes, back out in a dress as wide as a Mini Cooper without disturbing the other ladies and gents around. I can't imagine the anxiety that went with that task!

I really enjoyed this exhibition and its diverse range of clothes and designers. I would recommend to anyone with a fashion interest to take a look if you ever find yourself in Bath. The ball room and other impressive rooms in the same building are amazing too!

I hope everyone is having a good week.

Emma Xx

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