Thursday, 25 September 2014

Thankful crazy cat lady Thursday

Tuesday was exactly four years to the day that my mum and I went to pick up little Pixie, my tabby tortie, tiger cat. I remember the day well, probably because good days weren't really happening at all for me that year. I remember watching breakfast at tiffanys, while she was fast asleep on my lap on her first day with us. I was so happy. I believe it's true to say, that day was a turning point in my mental state after not long being diagnosed with ME. I'd spent the last 9 months in a living hell with my hopes and dreams in pieces at my feet. I was a heart broken mess. Some might think it silly, but this tiny ball of fur slowly helped me to pick up the pieces. She became my shadow, meowing in distress if I left her alone, before long we became almost inseparable. I'm so thankful for the company and her love, especially in times when I can't bare to be around other humans as they're just too draining. I love my cat Alfie just as much, he's a wise old thing with the ability to look deep inside you with his big eyes. He is a sensitive soul, and I'm sure he knows when I'm upset, there's been many a time that he's come to comfort me. Alfie looks after himself though, and isn't indoors as much as Pixie. I think it was the dependency that Pixie has for me, that helped me to get to where I am today. I don't know where I would be without them both. So to them, my two beauties, I am truely thankful.

Emma Xx


  1. She's absolutely gorgeous! �� It's so sweet that she sticks with you :) our family dog, Scamp, is getting quite old so every night he comes into our room and cuddles me until Mum goes to bed, I'm going to miss him like crazy when we move out xx

    1. She is a little cutie Laura, although I must say these days she does like to sleep on a chair shes claimed as her own a little more than follwing me but when shes up shes always near.
      Awh bless, thats so cuteand lovely for you too. That will be sad, Scamp will have to visit you!

      Emma Xx