Friday, 26 September 2014

Cornish Souvenir


Vintage Dress - homemade £21
Bag - Dolce and Gabbanna - Borrowed from my Mum
Shoes - Dune sample - £15
Wooden Bracelet -Vintage gift from Mum
Wedgewood Necklace - Grandmothers

Last weekend I finally stepped out in my beautiful cornish dress. My souvenir from my last trip to Cornwall, a slightly more unusual memento from the standard bags full of fudge (and will last longer). Although this doesn't mean I abandoned the fudge, its tradition after all. I spotted this dress on a venture in to a town called Wadebridge. We initially went in search of wrapping paper, for my brothers birthday but as we were parking I spotted a big banner in the car park, with two words that always get me excited. Vintage and clothing. We tracked down the shop which was actually a charity shop with a good size vintage section. I couldn't resist trying on this dress as it reminds me of the type of dresses my mum used to make and wear back in the 70's. I should have known that after trying it on there was no going back. This dress was definitely coming home with me. 

Emma Xx 

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  1. Wow, that dress is stunning I can't believe it's handmade and cost you only £21! Thats a real bargain there, certainly better than a bag of fudge (although I'd totally buy fudge as well). Gorgeous pictures! Really suits you.

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches