Sunday, 3 August 2014

Strawberries and Swallows

While I was away in Cornwall my mum and I went down to the beautiful house Predeaux Place in Padstow for lunch and a look around the gardens. We've visited once before, (and to the outside of the grounds for my last blog post) last time we went on the tour of the stunning house but it zapped my energy a lot, so this time we opted for a gentle stroll around the peaceful garden after amazing homemade food, always food first of course! I had an amazing homemade spiced parsnip soup with walnut bread, something now on my list of things to make, especially as I want to try and eat better to help my health. Maybe a big bowl of thick yummy soup isn't the best idea before taking outfit photos, but hey! -That's just how I roll (did I just say that?). The garden was beautiful, from flowers, the quirky features to the silence, it's so nice not being able to hear anything, one of my favourite things about Cornwall.
This was the first time I've worn this dress. I bought it from eBay last September but at the time it was far too small, somehow I lost a little weight since then and now I can just get into it, although the fit isn't perfect...yet! I love the length and the amount of material that has been used to make it. They don't make them like this anymore. Once again, this dress delights me because of how it swishes around. I teamed it with my beloved And smile swallow necklace and earrings made so beautifully by Viktorija. I couldn't resist taking my strawberry Lulu Guinness clutch out for an airing and I think it goes well with the dress.


Dress: eBay homemade vintage £7
Bag: lulu guiness - eBay £25
Gold flipflops - Primark 
Necklace - Andsmile £20
Earrings - Andsmile £7

 I've been back home for just over a week now and I've been so incredibly busy, well busy for me. I've been helping my mum make a cake for her friends ruby wedding anniversery party, which is today. Sadly the cake itself has knocked me for six, so I'm now resting up in the peace and quiet of an empty house instead of joining in. I'm so glad the sun is out, I've been resting, snoozing and finishing the last few pages of Mad About The Boy, which I found tedious at times, I much prefer the first two Bridget Jones books.  Anyway, I hope you're having a lovely sunny sunday.

Emma Xx


  1. What a really pretty dress!


  2. You look stunning! I'm glad you had such a lovely time in Cornwall :D oh, and I love that clutch! Hope you're awap xx

    1. Thank you my dear! I love it in cornwall so much. Me too, I wish I could use it more!

      Emma Xx