Thursday, 10 April 2014

Cherry Blossom

Today I've been wearing cherry blossom in my hair, and why not?! Any excuse to wear flowers in my hair is good enough for me. In fact, if I could afford it and get away with it, I would wear real flowers in my hair all the time. Getting a reputation for being the cat loving girl who always wears flowers in her hair, doesn't sound too awful, although around here they'll just call me weird! If I ever find a man crazy enough to want to marry me, I will absolutely be wearing a massive floral crown on my wedding day. My love of floral crowns has made me think about making my own, both real and faux flowers. Thanks to Pinterest I think I know how to make them! So watch this space, or something like that. This I guess isn't really a crown, I took a stem of blossom off my mums tree and pinned it into my hair. The quickest headpiece ever, althoug, I have a feeling I'll be picking blossom out of my hair for the next day or two! 
The dress I choose to wear with my beautiful sprig of blossom, is one I bought about 4 years ago from eBay. I fell in love with the print then and still think it's one of my favourites in my wardrobe. Although the sun was out and making me frown a lot, the grass was still wet from morning due, so my shoes which I got from clarks last year got a little wet!

I'm really looking forward to Easter next week, I've got an Easter egg hunt planned for my cousins and I'm going to try my hand at Hot crossed buns, if they go well I will share the recipe! If not, you can assume they were a disaster! 

Lastly, I want to ask a big favour. I know my blog is small and there's so much competition, but if you feel it's worthy of it, please can you nominate me in the Company Style Blogger awards under personal style blog. My blog is a source of such joy to me, that just to be nominated would mean so much! If you can spare 5 minutes the link is (here). Thank you so much!

Emma Xx


  1. I love this look on you! and why not wear cherry blossoms in your hair? they look great!
    an egg hunt and hot cross bunns! sounds like the perfect little adventure you've got coming up! x

  2. Lovely photos, you've found the perfect summery background! Your shoes are really cute :)