Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Vintage Feathers & Bag Puss

I've been itching to get out and take outfit photos, I have about 6 drafts that couldn't be completed because of this awful weather. Luckily for me, the rain held off for twenty minutes, giving me the perfect opportunity to photograph my outfit. Yay! Although, it's back to the brick wall, I hope to have some more scenic backgrounds when the weather is better. Today's outfit is more granny chic than I'm used to, but I love it. My whole outfit apart from the belt and tights comes from charity shops. The top was brand new and has become one if my favourite blouses, I wear it a lot with dark jeans. Today I teamed it with a vintage peacock feather print maxi skirt, which is the warmest skirt I've ever worn. I love the detail at the waist too which makes the belt standout. I've been tempting the heavens by wearing my Dune shoes. I don't want to get them wet and muddy but I also feel the need to wear them. Like they're calling to me? No I'm not crazy, I promise! 

Blouse: Alex & Co - £4.99 - Charity shop
Skirt: Gerry Weber -£3 - Charity shop
Belt: Primark - £1.50
Tights: M&S - 89p - Sale
Shoes: Dune - £15 - Charity shop

While I was taking the photos, Alfie decided it was the perfect opportunity to tell me how starving he was. Whenever he asks for food he pulls his cheeks in as if to make him look smaller, but that tummy is kidding no one, my dear old bag puss! I promise he had lunch soon after! I had to add these two photos with him in! Anyone else get photo bombed by their cats?

Emma Xx


  1. I like the pattern on your skirt - very pretty! My cats are always photo bombing me whenever I take pictures in the garden. I think they get jealous of me giving my camera more attention than them haha!

  2. The pattern on your skirt is beautiful! Hopefully the weather stays warm and dry.


  3. Gorgeous blouse, love the colour :)

  4. Love the photo of you with Alfie :-) that blouse and those shoes, beautiful!