Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Baker Days: letterbox cake

Cake co/ BakerDays

No, your eyes are not mistaken, you've not fallen asleep and entered the land of dreams. You did see the words letterbox and cake. And it is what you think it is. Cake, that wonderful delight, can now be sent perfectly packaged through the mail, to your door. I'm sure all cake fans will agree that this is the greatest idea since well, cake!
A box landed on my doormat not long after finalising details of my cake, inside I found a pretty and airtight tin and inside that I found my personalised cake. As you can see I choose to have a photo of pixie printed on to my cake. I think it looks fantastic. The little things make this cake even more special. Baker Days added a few more touches with love hearts and a lovely card. I think Pixie approves of her portrait!

Baker Days have a fantastic selection of themes for their cakes for every occasion, which can also be personalised. Something that I really like about this company, is that as well as a choice of vanilla, chocolate or fruit cake, there's the option of dairy free or gluten free. Something very important to a few of my friends. Prices start from £14.99, take a look (here)

Cutting my cake wasn't an easy thing to do, when I finally convinced myself to cut into it, I found a beautiful fresh vanilla sponge. I'm all for homemade, but really, this cake is delish - it's been difficult not eating it all by myself! I did share it with my Family, who enjoyed it too, they commented on how the sponge has such a lovely flavour. As you can see I had my cake as my afternoon treat with a cup of Assam tea.

I was very excited to be doing this review for Baker Days and it didn't disappoint. This cake would make a fantastic birthday surprise or valentines day treat for your loved one. Baker Days also offer next day delivery - very handy. I know I'll be ordering from them in the future.  Have you tried a letterbox cake?

Emma Xx


  1. This is AMAZING! This is the stuff that my cake dreams are made of. I can't believe it survives the posting and drop from letterbox to floor. I may have to look into this! It is Mother's Day coming up at the end of next month.

  2. That cake looks amazing, such a cool idea! And Pixie is such a lovely name!

  3. That's amazing! I didn't know that kind of thing existed. I'll have to look into it.
    I just found your blog, by the way, and I'm loving it. So well put together!