Sunday, 5 January 2014

Rose Gold - Last outfit of 2013

I adore New Year's Eve get togethers, and luckily for me this year I was well enough to see some friends. Since I was about 14 I've spent many New Year's Eves at my house with my best friend Primrose, we would watch the count down and get merry. It was great fun althought starting the new year with a hangover isn't great is it? Tradition?...Maybe. I'm more carful now as I know I'm already going to feel the effects of the night the next day without a  hangover. I spent this New Year's Eve at my house with three friends, watching films on tv before the count down, eating chocolate and drinking disaronno. A quiet night which is the best thing for me when I'm staying up so late. I decided on the last day of 2013 that life is far too short to save sequin dresses for sometime in the future. After all, I did buy this dress in mind for New Years Eve months ago, so why not wear it? Yes I did envisioned that I'd be 100% well and spending the night in some crazy night club or party, but thinking about it, maybe this was nicer. I told Primrose months ago about this dress and how I so wanted to wear it on New Year's Eve, when I told her that I was still wearing it she decided to join in and wore another beautiful sequinned dress. Who says you can't dress up and stay in?

Dress -French Connection (brand new with tags via eBay) £15
Art Deco necklace - accesorize £7.50 (in sale)
Shoes - Asos £25 (christmas gift)
Tights - Marks and spencer 
Ring - Marks and spence £19.50 (christmas gift)

If you went out or stayed in, whatever you did I hope you had a fantastic New Year's Eve.

Emma Xx


  1. You can never be too dressed up on New Years! Love the dress. I went for dinner with some friends then back to my house. We all dressed up it was so much fun!

    1. I'm lad you think so too, Jaclyn! Thank you, I didn't want to take it off! I'm glad you had such a lovely time with your friends too.

      Emma Xx

  2. That dress is just GORGEOUS! I'm glad you dressed up, there can never be too many sequins on NYE, no matter where you are! :)

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

  3. Ah you look so pretty! Love that dress - can't believe what a bargain you got there!

    Becky x

  4. You are so adorable, and this dress looks amazing on you! I ended up doing basically the same thing on NYE, and I think it was just as fun as going out :) So happy to have found your blog!

  5. Hahhhhh, I love sparkling dresses, especially in this stunning color :-)

  6. This dress is so pretty and fits really nicely. I'm glad you still enjoyed the event despite not feeling 100%, that's the thing with winter - you never know if you're going to be ill during the festive season. I went to a house party which was really fun. Happy new year!

    Natalie | Just a Thought

  7. Aw that dress is so pretty! It really suits you :) Love your blog!

    Fairytale Kiss

    Jade xx

  8. Oh my gosh, HUGE dress envy & also for your fox dress in your other post!!!