Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas Tree Cupcakes

It's safe to say I've got a very big head right now. Im so proud of these cupcakes and the photos that I took of them. I'm not sure if I meantioned before that I attend a photography class everyweek at my local adult learning centre. This term is almost over and I've enjoyed every minute of it. I've learnt more in the 8 lessons I was well enough to attend than I did in two years of A level photography. Crazy right?! And I got an A for my A level without really understanding how to use my camera on manual!
These photos are for my final project which I took in this weeks class. The Brief was Christmas food, a fantastic excuse for me to make some cupcakes!

The cupcakes contrary to how they look are pretty easy - trust me! For the recipe scroll down to the bottom of the page. The gingerbread house, which smells amazing is from Aldi. I think it cost £5.99 or there abouts. The rest of the decorations I borrowed from my mum.



I wanted to get the cakes done fast the day before my class, so to save time and energy I used Betty Crockers Devils Food Cake mix (which is on offer at the moment in waitrose.) It's a great mix and easy peasy to make. I also made the green icing, raindeer and stars the day before.



1 box of Betty Crocker Devils Food Cake Cupcake mix

2 medium eggs


Vegtable or sunflower Oil

For the icing

500g icing sugar

100g brown fondant icing

Edible glitter and sprinkles

150g softened butter

Orange extract

Small Christmas cutters or premade decorations.

Piping bag

Firstly you need to follow the cake mix instructions. The cakes take 16 minutes to cook at 160 for fan oven. When the cakes are cooked, leave then in the tray (a muffin tray is best) to cool. While that is happening you can start on the butter icing.

For the butter icing you will need to cream 150g butter and slowly add 300g of the icing sugar and mix until you reach a smooth consistency. Then you can add green colouring which is best done a small bit at a time until you reach the 'Christmas tree' green colour you desire. For the flavour I used orange - you could use vanilla, almond or lemon extract etc.

Set the green icing aside and make the white icing. You'll need to gradually mix 200g of icing sugar with a little water. Keep adding water until you have a thick but manageable consistency. Cover but don't put in the fridge.

This is when you can roll out the icing and use cutters to cut out stars, raindeers or robbins etc. If you don't have cutters don't worry, you can find pre made Christmas cupcake decorations in supermarkets which would be just as effective.

This is when the real fun begins. When the cakes are cool take them out of the tray, you might want to cut the tops off to make the cakes flatter (and for quality control tasting of course!). You'll need to add a circle of white icing around the top of the cakes for the snow. Once you've done all the cakes you need to add the green butter cream to a piping bag and pipe the trees. If you've not piped before maybe practice on a plate or look up piping on YouTube. I've not had a lot of practice at piping so don't be put off. When your happy with your trees it's time to add sprinkles, glitter and whatever decorations you fancy.  Then I suggest you show them off and eat as many as you can!

I hope my instructions make sense - this is my first recipe post. I do hope you like it! If anyone does make my Christmas tree cupcakes I would love it if you told me! 
Emma Xx


  1. These are adorable! I will have to keep them in mind when I start my Christmas baking :)

    1. Thank you so mcuh Jacyln. I hope you had a lovely Christmas. :)

      Emma Xx

  2. I LOVE this! perfect for Christmas dessert x


  3. These are magnificent! I would love to have some of these on my Xmas dinner table!

    And thumbs up on the photos too - they look really professional! xxx

    Hips Like Cinderella

    1. Thank you so much. I did have a bit of trouble with the photos - so I'm so pleased to hear that!
      I hope you had a merry Christmas.

      Emma Xx

  4. I want to eat one of those cakes! They are so cute and look so yummy haha. You have beautiful photography skills I can see the class you are taking has had such a fantastic influence on your style. You should be proud :)
    Lovely blog! - followed
    Collette xxx

    1. Hi Collette,
      Thank you so much for such a lovely comment and for following me! I hope you had a lovely Christmas.

      Emma Xx