Sunday, 24 November 2013

Festive Jumper

Gone are the days of dread brought on by that hand knitted Christmas jumper from some great great aunt twice removed. In the last few years people have been embracing the Christmas jumper. No one would be laughing at Mark Darcy now in his festive jumper. No.  Wether they actually make someone look chic and fashionable is another question, but I love the sense of fun they bring to an outfit.
Some may be disappointed after reading all that, after all I'm not wearing a jumper with Father Christmas standing alongside ruidoff with a flashing light for his red nose. Nor is it the Christmas puddings jumper from Primark, which still makes me giggle! If you've not seen it, I'm sure you can guess the placement of the puddings. My jumper is extremely subtle. It has that Christmas feel with the colours and shapes within the pattern.

Jumper -  Boutique by Jaeger - charity shop - £8
Jeans - charity shop £4
Brougues - Office - charity shop - £15
Brooch - Lea stein - Gift
Hand Bag - Osprey - Gift

I've not worn this brooch for a long time, mainly because I wasn't sure what to wear it with but I think it goes nicely with my jumper. Lea Stein makes some amazing jewellery.
I didn't realise until I put it all on, that my whole outfit has been thrifted (apart from the gifts - both from my Grandma) and comes to a grand total of £27. A fraction of what the jumper alone would have cost. I know it's not for everyone and the idea of wearing someone else's clothes isn't all that appealing but, not everything you find will have been used before. These shoes by office were brand new.

Have you got a Christmas jumper this year? 

Emma Xx

I apologise for the not so scenic door step background which sadly may feature a lot while its so cold out!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Operation Christmas Child

Christmas will soon be upon us and we all know that means over indulgence, presents, parties and of course Christmas dinner being eaten by millions. I love Christmas, it's my favourite holiday by far as it's always been so magical for me, even now at 23. It's like a ray of sun that breaks up the dead of winter. The thought of winter without Christmas is something that's making me shudder just trying to imagine. After the leaves of autumn have fallen around us and the frost starts bitting at my fingers what keeps me going is the thought of making the Christmas cake with my mum, picking out the tree, decorating it and watching the fairy lights blink and sparkle while I dig into a massive tin of quality streets. Wrapping presents while I watch a rubbish Christmas film on the pop up Channel Xmas 24.
For some people they can only dream of such things. There are children in this world including the uk, that wake up on Christmas morning without a tree or presents or even parents for that matter. Children who have had a hard short life through no fault of their own. There is a way to help some of those children to have Christmas cheer (and boost your karma) and it all starts with a simple shoe box. 

The Operation Christmas Child is run by the Samaritans Purse charity, they collect shoe boxes full of toys, sweets, school and hygiene supplies from the general pupic and distribute them around the world to less fortunate children. For the last 2 years I have been donating shoe boxes. I thought maybe in the spirit of Christmas whether you are religious or not ( I don't really know where I stand on that matter) you might find it fun to help out too. Normally I have only made up one box at a time but this year seeing as I bought most of the girls things in the January sale I thought I would attempt a box for a boy too. 
These are the boxes I wrapped and what I put in them.




 All gifts came from; Accessorize, Boots, Bentalls, The works, Primark, Waitrose, Tescos, Paperchase and sainsburys. ( could be all done from one or two shops!)

Now that I have wraped and filled the boxes with my gifts I will drop them off at my local collection point. Seriously wish I didn't have to say goodbye to the beautiful wolf! All the information on creating shoe box gifts can be found HERE. There is still time to make your own if you feel like it, the drop off deadline is the 18th November. 

Emma Xx

Thursday, 7 November 2013

She may be young but she only likes old things...

Ok that's not exactly true but I do love old things, antiques, old music and most of all vintage clothes. My favourite decades for vintage clothes are the 50's, 60's and 70's. I get very excited when I find a gem on eBay or in a charity shop. Today's dress I found on eBay a few weeks ago. It's a 1960's number that I'm so happy to have in my wardrobe. In true 60's style it is a mini which even at my short 5"4 is a little too short for me and a tiny bit small on the hips- no bending in this! I thought I'd mix it up a bit with a 20's style hat and my beloved Chelsea boots.




Dress - vintage - eBay £13
Blouse - vintage - charity shop £2.50
Leggings - George at asda £6
Hat - Marks and Spencer sale £2
Chelsea Boots - Topshop sale £25

What's you're favourite vintage decade? If you've got a favourite vintage outfit on your blog please let me know so I can check it out! 
Hope you are all having a lovely week,
Emma Xx