Sunday, 20 October 2013

Fashion Rules

On the 9th of October I visited the Fashion Rules exhibition at Kensington Palace as my last outing of the year with Julie. I love the play on words in the title, fashion as we know does rule and also does a lot for our countries economics just like the three ladies who wore the dresses in this exhibition. As soon as you step inside the exhibition you're greeted by this amazing dress worn by the Queen. I was amazed to see how tiny she is especially her waist. The detail on these dresses is mesmerizing and the photos do not do them justice at all. I was surprised to find out that photography is allowed just without flash but I was pretty happy to get snapping.

The last two photos are of dresses worn my Princess Margret. My favourite is the first - I can see myself wearing that and spinning around in it to make the fabric swish around. 
These last photos are of dresses worn by Princess Diana. They are my least favourite of the collection as I'm not so keen on 80's style although I wouldn't say no to the midnight blue dress covered in stars.

It didn't take long to look at the exhibition. Personally I would have liked it to be a little bigger but I'm still very pleased that I went and would recommend it. 
After the exhibition I took Julie to my favourite cocktail bar. The Babylon. It's not easy to find unless you know where you're going. It's hidden off the main high street and on the 7th floor. I had intended to show Julie the roof garden which is below the bar and resturant but sadly it was closed. It's worth seeing just for the flamingos.
I ordered a Mojito which was the best I've tasted yet. You wouldn't need many of those to get you drunk. As it was early the bar was pretty empty which was lovely for us, we just spent some time hanging out on the amazing green and gold sofa.

I was sad to say goodbye to Julie, I won't see her until next year now. Hopefully she'll be back in spring time. Whenever we do meet again, I know it will be like I just saw her yesterday. Those are the best kind of friendships.

Emma Xx


  1. The dresses are fantastic!!

  2. Ohmygosh the shapes and cuts of those dresses are absolutely beautiful!! Wish one day I could wear a dress like one of these...but for now, Primark it is!