Thursday, 31 October 2013

Día de Muertos

Yesterday I spend the afternoon carving and painting this beauty. They say you shouldn't blow your own trumpet but sod them, I'm very excited with how my Mexican-Day-of-the-Death-meets-Cath-Kidston-skull-pumpkin turned out. Thats a bit of a mouthful! This is the 3rd pumpkin I've ever carved and the second one this week, so I'm very pleased with myself! After getting over that not so yummy smell of pumpkin I had a great time doing this. I got my inspiration through Instagram, someone I follow was given a pumpkin with a cats face painted on which looked fantastic and instantly I wanted to give it a go, only I didn't want to copy, so I came up with my own idea. I opted for a day of the dead theme so I could make the skull look pretty. You may have noticed I have a floral addiction, so it was only natural that a floral print made an apparence. What do you think?



Vintage Dress- Ebay £11.16
Blouse - Charity shop £2.95
Boots- Primark £14

Yesterday was a glasses day (boo) which I think makes this outfit look a little too school girl or maybe I'm just not used to it? Either way this outfit is one of my favourites right now. I think the dress is so pretty, it has floral emembroidery that runs all over the tartan and I love the colours. It's not the best of fits for me, it's a little bit big on the waist but will be great for layering it up when it gets chillier. The blouse was a lucky find a few days later in my local charity shop, it's not often that I can go in and find exactly what I want, but on this occasion I did. The boots I've had for 2 years now and oddly unlike a lot of primarks items haven't worn out and I do wear them a lot - ok I don't walk much but still.


Sadly I've not got any plans that warrent a fancy dress outfit this year, maybe next year?! I Will be tucking into some sweets with a few friends though.
Happy Halloween lovely readers,

Emma Xx


  1. That pumpkin is amazing and you look darling! Thanks for visiting my blog dear, I'm your newest follower :)
    By the way, I recently joined Instagram and hope we can connect there too :)


    xo Jess

    1. Thank you Jessica! What is your instagram user name so I can find you? :)

      Emma Xx