Sunday, 29 September 2013


Brighton has always held something special for me. I'm not even sure what it is about the place, maybe the memories of exciting days out with my Auntie, Grandma and cousin when I was 11 and meant to be in school, or because apart from London and our local town it was the first place I went to with my friends without adults, not to mention my love for the sea and shopping.
I got very excited when I found out my dear friend Julie would be visiting from the United States and even more so when she told me she would be staying in Hove, ten minutes from Brighton. We arranged to meet up on Wednesday the 25th.
We met at Brighton station after a quick journey and set out to explore the arty streets and lanes. Within five minutes we came across the kissing policemen by Banksy. 
I took a few photos of my favourite street art that I saw, I love the mermaid.



 After looking in a few vintage shops we stopped for lunch and shared a fish finger sandwich and chips. Julie gave me a lovely book of t-shirt transfers - which I will experiment with soon! It was so lovely to catch up and people watch. We then went to a massive antique imporium which had a photo booth with a props box which got us pretty excited!

It's become a bit of a tradition that whenever Julie and I meet up we eat chips and cake (not on the same plate!). Two of our favourite foods! So for cake, Julie had found an amazing old fashioned tea shop called the Blackbird tea room. It's like stepping back in time the minute you step inside, with its pre-war decor, 30's music and vintage floral china. We sat at a window table and had Asam tea for two which was made with tea leaves unlike so many places these days. I had a chocolate, almond and orange cake while Julie had a slice of Bakewell tart both came with fruit. Two ladies came in and sat at the table next to us with a beautiful dog. I couldn't resist taking her photo.

Its my birthday next week so Julie gave me an early birthday present - the second gift of the day she always spoils me! This necklace is so beautiful, I love the colour and the laser cut design is so cute.

After tea it was time to start heading back to the station. We said goodbye knowing we'd meet up again before Julie goes back to America. I had a fantastic afternoon.

Dress: Topshop via ebay
Shoes: Clarks sale
First necklace: homemade by me



  1. I simply adore brighton! and always have an amazing time and spend a fortune whenever i go! looks like you had a wonderful time! xxxx

    1. I did thank you Rebecca. I know I had to try really hard not to spend all my money haha!