Friday, 9 August 2013

Thistles and Lace

Dress: Yumi
Flip flops: Primark
Ring: Accesorize 
Bracelet: The Shere Shop

I've been pretty ill or as I call it -pooky. The ME is always up and down but recently it's been pretty bad. I did too much and now I'm paying. I've not been out much because of this, in fact this was the first day in five days that I ventured out. As I was feeling a little better my mum suggested we went to Poseden Lacy and walk down to this quiet field just outside the national trust borders. I spent many afternoons of my childhood in this feild so it was lovely to revisit it. We got some Calippos, my favourite ice lolly before strolling down to the field through the national trust garden.
The field was very green still and there were lots of thistles growing between the grass. Butterflies fluttered by and the only sound came from bees collecting pollen. A beautiful old tree had lots of little hearts hanging in it with messages on, which sadly I'm guessing are to someone who is no longer with us.

We took some photos of my outfit before resting on the blanket. I apologise that I didn't put much effort in to the outfit I just didn't have the energy. Anyway the dress is one of my favourite summer dresses, I love the lace detail and it keeps me cool. Flip flops are my summer shoe of choice and this pair are one of my favourite, although they're looking a bit sad these days. I really should have bought a few more pairs! 
I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather! 
Emma xx


  1. Really nice pictures, your dress is adorable !

  2. gorgeous pictures and dress. Im addicted to calippo's at the moment!


    1. Thank you Laura. Oh me too! I've been known to eat them in the middle of winter! xx

  3. I love these pictures and your dress. Very romantic

  4. Sweet dress!! I hope things improve soon xx

  5. Sorry to hear you've been ill! This is such a lovely, summery post though, that dress looks lovely on you! Love your blog too, following!

    1. Thank you, Its been hard but I'm getting there :)

      Thank you so much! I will take a look at your blog