Saturday, 27 July 2013

Summer Celebrations


At the beginning of last week I had an impulse to make bunting. I already have a lot of bunting but I've never made any before so I thought why not? I had a rummage through my old textile boxes which has been sitting neglected for four years. I found these really cute vintage summery floral prints in there which I've had for many years, my mum was given them by an American friend when we stayed with them in 98 and my mum gave them to me when I was studying textiles. I managed to find ribbon which matched well to sew the flags onto and enough to trim the flags. I printed a triangle and some letters for templates, then I set to work in the dinning room with the door wide open and Bob Marley playing on my iPod. I did a few hours before my head started to feel bad and I needed to rest. The next day I finished the bunting in an hour and a half and I'm really proud of what I achieved, it's not the most well made thing I've created but apart from two pairs of knickers it's the only other thing I've sewn in four years! 

Dress: Lola Smith £15
Necklace: River Island £5
Earrings: New Look £3.50
Watch: vintage - inherited from my Nan
Shoes: clarks £19

Matching bunting to an outfit sounds a little silly, but yes that is what I did! I love this hand made dress which I got in a little shop in Padstow, Cornwall. Lola Smith sadly only sells children's clothes now. This dress was one of the last from her pre teen range and is why I got it in the sale for £15 from £50. I love being able to fit into kids clothes as I never did when I was a kid! 
This watch means so much to me. It belonged to my Nanny who was very ill for all of my childhood, I spent a lot of time sitting at her dressing table playing with her jewellery while she watched and talked to me from her bed. She died when I was 6 and I was given a lot of her jewellery which I've kept. I've only just started wearing this watch and I love how it reminds me of her. 

The bunting is now hanging up on the fireplace in my living room. It was my brothers 26th birthday on the 18th so I put his presents under the bunting. (Excuse the unfinished green chair!)


My mum made a chocolate cake which I then made into a hedgehog cake. It wasn't easy in the heat, I had a fan in the kitchen and had to keep putting icing or chocolate back in the fridge so it ended up a little rushed. Still I'm happy with how it turned out and it was pretty tasty!


Friday, 19 July 2013

Field of green

Dress: Palooka*
Shoes: mums wardrobe
Vintage jade bunny necklace: from my mum
Vintage beaded necklaces: inherited from great Aunts
Wooden braclet: Accessorize 
Long green pendant: Accessorize 

I've been going past this field almost every week for 3 years on my way to one of my alternative therepys for my ME. I've always thought it would be great for a photoshoot although in my vision it's sunny or at sunset and I'm the one taking the photos not being the model. Not that I'm complaining, well maybe a little about the weather! I am British after all! (What is it with us lot and the weather?)

For my efforts Erika kindly said I could choose and keep one of the dresses that I've styled and modelled for her clothing company. This is the dress I chose to keep as I just love the floral print. The style of the print has a very vintage feel and the oranges and greens go well with my hair. I also think its a very versatile dress that could be worn from spring through to autumn by layering it up with cardigains or jumpers. 

I've had a lot of fun working on this project with Palooka clothing. If you're bored or have some spare time and you haven't seen my other outfit posts featuring Palooka dresses, then please take a look at my older posts! 

Emma xx

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

I'd rather wear flowers than diamond in my hair

Dress: Palooka Clothing 
Shoes: borrowed from my mum (again!)
Flower crown: Primark £2.50
Ring: Primark £1
brackets: Beaded pink toned by Accesorize - gift and laser cut unicorn charm by H&M also a gift

How beautiful is the wild flowerbed in Polesden Lacy? I don't think I could have found a better place to photograph this dress. The dresses in this post are more of Erika Shaw's creations for Palooka clothing. The first has such a bright but dainty floral print. I think it looks great with the shoes that I borrowed from my mum. I'm lucky we take the same shoe size and that she has some lovely shoes that I can borrow for shoots like this! This pair have beautiful floral embroidery on the front and ribbons to tie them. I'll be borrowing these again!!

This post is a two for the price of one -Yay all round! I just couldn't wait to post all the outfits that I did for Palooka. So here is the second dress of this post.
 I think the dress goes so well with this pink and white floral crown. I love the subtle but stricking pinks and blues of the flowers in the pattern. There would be so many ways to wear this dress. - Dressed up or down which is why I really like it.

 Dress: Palooka Clothing
Floral Crown: Primark
Shoes: Mums wardrobe
Bracelets: Accesorize
Ring: Primark
Belt: Urban Outfitters

I did get a little bit too excited when I saw all these beautiful pink flowers (what are they called?) in the next walled garden. The flowers went so well with the dress and especially my Floral Crown. I do wish the sun had been out when we took these photos though! Sadly most of the photos with the belt on didn't turn out to good I was goofing around a lot at this point. As you can see from one of the photos - oops!
 I just had to take a few quick shots of these flowers hope you like them, I want to edit them when I get some time!
Emma xx

All photos are by Jan Anderson and Emma Anderson

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Polkadot Palooka Dress

Dress: Palooka Clothing
Shoes: borrowed from mums wardrobe
Necklace: Vintage -from antique shop £5
Bracelets: Vintage Dior and gold 80's vintage cut out bracket both gifts from friends.

I love how simple and elegant this dress is. This whole outfit makes me feel like a lady and that I should be drinking afternoon tea and eating many cakes! 

Emma xx

Monday, 1 July 2013


Dress: Palooka Clothing
Belt: Debanhams £10
Poppy Ring: Accesorize £7
Shoes: M&S (co mums wardrobe!)
Bangle: Vintage 
A few weeks ago I was approached by the lovely Erika Shaw via Instagram about working with her to create images of her handmade dresses for her website. Palooka Clothing is all about handmade vintage inspired clothes which are lovingly made here in england by Erika herself. I jumped at the chance to work on this project and I've had so much fun. Erika sent me 8 dresses to style and model. I was so excited when I recived the dresses and saw the beautiful floral prints. Sadly two dresses didn't fit me ( I really should cut down on chocolate!). So I set to work styling the six dresses that did fit me.
 The weather in my area has been totally awful for the last three weeks. Finding a day where the sun will be out and my mum can photograph me was a little tricky! Luckily we were both free last Wednesday and it wasn't raining! We went to Polseden Lacey a beautiful estate run by the National Trust. I've been many times before and just love the rose gardens -which I thought would be ideal for the photos.
I will be posting more photos of the other dresses soon :)

Photography By Jan Anderson