Thursday, 30 May 2013

Miss Patina

A few days ago I spotted a drawing by one of the talented girls I follow on Instagram. The drawing was an illustration of a dress by Miss Patina for a competition. The competition is to draw your favourite Miss Patina dress and the winner wins the beautiful Miss Honey dress. I'd never heard of Miss Patina before so I went on the website to have a look. The dresses are so lovely, with a real vintage feel to them. I'm surprised I didn't know about this make before! It was hard to choose just one dress to draw but I went with the loop the loop dress as I love the colours and the cut out detail at the top of the dress.
Here's a few photos of my entry.

I'm really happy with how it turned out. A few year ago my tutor at LCF told me illustration wasn't my strong point when I said I'd like to do more of it. This comment knocked my confidence with fashion drawing and I've not drawn any fashion illustrations since that time. I think this is about to change as I had so much fun doing this! I wish I had time to do another entry but I'm going on holiday (again) tomorrow.
The competition closes on the 2nd of June - wish me luck!

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