Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Living with ME isn't something you get used to straight away. It takes away so much of your energy and drastically changes your life in ways you don't want. My journey of acceptance was like grieving for a lost loved one, it started with disbelief, sadness then anger then sadness again. Why me? But why anyone?
 Acceptance took the best part of two years. I found once I was on the road to acceptance I became more balanced emotionally which had a good effect on my symptoms not to mention my poor Mum who had to deal with my random bursts of tears almost on a daily basis. I was told to use relaxation meditations everyday. - At first I wasn't a fan if this, it seemed silly but I did as I was told and found great benefits from it. Meditation has helped me become calmer and more accepting of my illness. Meditating twice a day as recommended by the Gupta Programme has improved my health a lot, I'm less tense, worried and generally happier. Through meditation I found three words that help enormously "Let it be" I apply these words to everything in my life. I will always need to remind myself of them as I've always been the worrying type, but if I keep it up I will be a much better, stronger person than I was before I got ill. 

Aswell as the meditation I have tried many theropies some which helped a lot. There are 4 that have helped one of those being outstanding they are The Gupta programme, a lifestyle management course at my local cfs hospital, healing and lastly herbs. 
Ive been going to Batanica Medica to see Jo Dunbar my herbalist since last September. Jo is amazing - she asks about my symptoms over the last month and changes the herbs accordingly. Since I've been drinking the vile concoctions she makes up for me I've improved so much. I would recommend anyone with ME to go and see her. 

As I said in a previous post this is not an ME blog. This week is ME/CFS awareness week so I wanted to say a little about the illness I live with. ME is awful but the main lesson I've learnt is to stay positive and fight by doing what's best for your body no matter what people around you expect from you. 

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