Thursday, 30 May 2013

Miss Patina

A few days ago I spotted a drawing by one of the talented girls I follow on Instagram. The drawing was an illustration of a dress by Miss Patina for a competition. The competition is to draw your favourite Miss Patina dress and the winner wins the beautiful Miss Honey dress. I'd never heard of Miss Patina before so I went on the website to have a look. The dresses are so lovely, with a real vintage feel to them. I'm surprised I didn't know about this make before! It was hard to choose just one dress to draw but I went with the loop the loop dress as I love the colours and the cut out detail at the top of the dress.
Here's a few photos of my entry.

I'm really happy with how it turned out. A few year ago my tutor at LCF told me illustration wasn't my strong point when I said I'd like to do more of it. This comment knocked my confidence with fashion drawing and I've not drawn any fashion illustrations since that time. I think this is about to change as I had so much fun doing this! I wish I had time to do another entry but I'm going on holiday (again) tomorrow.
The competition closes on the 2nd of June - wish me luck!

Monday, 27 May 2013

Cornwall outfit post

The last week I was in beautiful Cornwall. The first day was sunny so I wore a new to me vintage dress that I bought from eBay for £3.70. What a bargain! It's a black halter neck with pink and purple flowers and polka dots all over it. I wore it with my cropped H&M leather jacket and clarks purple ballet pumps - which match the purple flowers so well.
We went into Newquay to have lunch by the harbour.

After Newquay we went to a beautiful national trust house called Trerice. The  house has a peaceful country garden with lots of beautiful blossom trees. This is where we had our first cream tea of the holiday. 

This was the only day I got to wear a dress. I had planned on three more outfit posts from Cornwall but the weather was so cold and windy I practically lived in my jeans and hoodie. Note to self - pack more warmer clothes next time I go to cornwall. Hopefully I'll post the intended outfits soon.

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Living with ME isn't something you get used to straight away. It takes away so much of your energy and drastically changes your life in ways you don't want. My journey of acceptance was like grieving for a lost loved one, it started with disbelief, sadness then anger then sadness again. Why me? But why anyone?
 Acceptance took the best part of two years. I found once I was on the road to acceptance I became more balanced emotionally which had a good effect on my symptoms not to mention my poor Mum who had to deal with my random bursts of tears almost on a daily basis. I was told to use relaxation meditations everyday. - At first I wasn't a fan if this, it seemed silly but I did as I was told and found great benefits from it. Meditation has helped me become calmer and more accepting of my illness. Meditating twice a day as recommended by the Gupta Programme has improved my health a lot, I'm less tense, worried and generally happier. Through meditation I found three words that help enormously "Let it be" I apply these words to everything in my life. I will always need to remind myself of them as I've always been the worrying type, but if I keep it up I will be a much better, stronger person than I was before I got ill. 

Aswell as the meditation I have tried many theropies some which helped a lot. There are 4 that have helped one of those being outstanding they are The Gupta programme, a lifestyle management course at my local cfs hospital, healing and lastly herbs. 
Ive been going to Batanica Medica to see Jo Dunbar my herbalist since last September. Jo is amazing - she asks about my symptoms over the last month and changes the herbs accordingly. Since I've been drinking the vile concoctions she makes up for me I've improved so much. I would recommend anyone with ME to go and see her. 

As I said in a previous post this is not an ME blog. This week is ME/CFS awareness week so I wanted to say a little about the illness I live with. ME is awful but the main lesson I've learnt is to stay positive and fight by doing what's best for your body no matter what people around you expect from you. 

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Flower Power

I've been in love with flower crowns ever since I was a little girl. I had two growing up. One part of my bridesmaid outfit and one that I used when dressing up with friends. For the last year I've seen them everywhere in magazines, Pinterest and Instagram and wished I had one too. The price was the only thing holding me back from owning such a beautiful accessory, ones I saw were from around £20-40. I  got very excited last week when I saw that Primark were selling them for £3! I bought two so that I can wear them together to make it look more impressive. Here are some photos of me wearing my new favourite hair accessory.


Maxi dress - French Connection 

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Starting A New

It's been a very long time since I started this blog, and a long time since my one and only post. Between then and now I have been through a lot and have been struggling to keep up with the simple things in life let alone a blog. I'm recovering from ME which has dictated my life since the end of 2009. Right now I'm doing well, I have a long way to go but I'm able to do more things and hopefully keeping up with my blog will be one of those things. My intention for my blog has always been for it to be a looking glass into moments and things in my life that I don't want to forget however small they are - hence the name. If I can bring joy or inspiration to even one other person whilst doing it I'd be very happy. There maybe a few posts about ME/CFS but this won't be a ME blog. I would like it to show hope, comfort and support to others who are also suffering aswell. Mainly I want to post my creativity, fashion finds and anything else I come across in life.
I'm a very girly creative 22 year old who loves life. I hope to have lots of fun creating and sharing on here.